Volunteering in Disaster

Thanks for your interest in helping your community recover from this disaster! The best way that you can help is to be part of an organized effort that is working in coordination with local emergency response officials. 

LIVC is leading the effort to organize and manage volunteers in response to the winter storms. We are registering volunteers in an efficient manner and connecting them to disaster-related needs.


Want to Volunteer?

If you are already registered as a volunteer please log in and sign up for disaster opportunities. 

If you have not registered as a volunteer, please create your account. 


Can Volunteers Help You Meet Your Agency Needs?

Have needs that have been caused by this disaster that volunteers could assist with?

If you are registered partner, log into HandsOn Connect to create your volunteer opportunities. Please create them with Winter Storms in the title and mark them as disaster opportunities. If you are not a registered partner with LIVC, click here to sign up to become a partner.


Non-Volunteer Related Needs

LIVCs role in disaster is the coordination of spontaneous volunteers in the Long Island area, in partnership with local disaster response officials. 

For additional disaster resources, please visit the 2-1-1 Long Island website.


Support LIVC

Long Island Volunteer Center is committed to taking on the responsibility of coordinating volunteers in disaster. We are a part of the solution to seeing our community recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We welcome and appreciate any support for our disaster program and other volunteer-related programs.  If you would like to support LIVC, please click here to donate.